DAMA NL is an essential resource to those who engage in information and data management.


DAMA NL is a not-for-profit, vendor-independent, association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management.


DAMA NL promotes the understanding, development and practice of managing data and information as key enterprise assets to support the organization.


DAMA NL’s goals are to:

  • Help practitioners become more knowledgeable and skilled in the information and data management profession
  • Influence practices, education and certification in the information and data management profession
  • Support DAMA contributors and their organizations to address their information and data management needs
  • Form alliances with other organizations with similar principles to strengthen the profession
  • Improve the current education programs by collaborating with partners at all levels (educators, trainers, suppliers, etc.)

What does this mean for your organisation

  • The importance of data is highlighted in an article that you can find here.
  • DAMA NL can help you with:
  • a data management maturity scan. This will provide you 1) insight where you are 2) means to help you prioritize the importance of data
  • for Corporate members an once-off free consultancy on a (complex) data management issue
  • for Individual members an important network knowledge about data management issues

for data management consultants, a means to participate in the consultancy on data management issues and promote themselves (although there are strict guidelines on neutrality)

Werkgroep Data Quality maakt factsheets

april 13th, 2021|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Werkgroep Data Quality maakt factsheets

De Werkgroep Data Quality is gestart met het samenstellen van factsheets over begrippen op gebied van datakwaliteitsmanagement. In deze factsheets worden diverse elementen begrippen beknopt (4 pagina’s) en gestructureerd van verschillende invalshoeken bekeken.

In de factsheets […]

DAMA NL realiseert met de HU eerste HBO Datamanagement Bachelor

maart 11th, 2021|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor DAMA NL realiseert met de HU eerste HBO Datamanagement Bachelor

DAMA NL is trots op de lancering van de eerste HBO opleiding op basis van DMBoK. Begin 2020 zijn de eerste gesprekken gevoerd met Hogeschool Utrecht over meer aandacht voor data gedreven onderwijs in het […]

DAMA NL pakt door in 2021

januari 4th, 2021|0 Comments

2020 was een goed jaar voor Data, het bestuur werd versterkt met 2 nieuwe boardleden. Onze president werd genomineerd bij de CIO Magazine Innovation Awards (Innovatieve Leider) en gekozen tot VP Chapter Services DAMA International.

EducationDe […]

Interested in DAMA or Want to Contribute in one of the workgroups?

juli 16th, 2020|Reacties uitgeschakeld voor Interested in DAMA or Want to Contribute in one of the workgroups?

Interested to join DAMA NL? Please read here what DAMA NL is doing.  Do you have an idea for a new workgroup? Please contact us.